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 Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!

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PostSubject: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   April 6th 2014, 8:34 pm

Greetings from Gatofeo ("ugly cat" in Spanish). The origin of my nom de net is complicated and often fabricated, according to my whimsy.

I've been contributing to various message boards since 1998, on a variety of shooting topics. My principal interests are:


Classics, revolvers, cap and ball, black powder, etc. Not too interested in the latest semi-auto with laser sights and all the geegaws. Give me a nice, basic revolver or semi-auto and I’m happy.


Lever-actions, traditional muzzleloading, older or obscure rifles, military bolt-actions and .22 rimfire rifles of all types.


I own a few shotguns, and hunt small game every few years, but am not fully conversant with the latest models and ammo.


Casting bullets (modern and balls), rifle and shotgun slugs. Not so much shotgun shell reloading, but I've done some.


.222 Remington, .223 Remington, .25 ACP, 6.5X55 Swedish, .30-30, .30-06, .30 Carbine, .32-20 (in an original Winchester 1873), .32 Winchester Special, .32 Smith & Wesson Long, .32 Long Colt (with heeled bullets in a Marlin Model 1892 lever-action rifle), .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .35 Winchester Self Loading (in a Winchester Model 1905 semi-auto rifle), .44-40 (in a reproduction Winchester 1873 rifle), .44 Special, .44 Magnum, .45 ACP, .45 Long Colt, .45-70 (in both a Marlin 1895 of 1976 vintage and a reproduction 1873 Springfield "Trapdoor" carbine).


Numerous .36 and .44 caliber revolvers, in Colt and Remington patterns. I've been shooting cap and ball sixguns since 1970, so I know a bit about the topic.
CVA Mountain Rifle, Hawken-pattern, in .50-caliber. This rifle has a slow rifling twist, so it's most accurate with patched balls.
1858 Enfield .58-caliber made by Parker Hale in the early 1980s, near as I can tell. My favorite lately; it’s amazingly accurate.
I've also occasionally made black powder shotgun shells for my old, Damascus-steel, double-barreled shotgun.

I own every American Rifleman magazine printed between 1929 and last month's issue, about 900 magazines.An unbroken set. I am trying to fill out the years of 1928 and earlier.
I also own large collections of Rifle and Handloader magazines, from the first issues up to last month's. I'm trying to fill the gaps in this collection as well.
Also, numerous books related to firearms.
To all of these, for nearly 20 years, I've been creating a guide to their information within. Thus, I occasionally provide information on obscure firearms and calibers in message boards.
I belong to about 20 different firearms  message boards. I joined my first one in early 1998.
The name "Gatofeo" is often associated on the internet with my postings on the use and care of cap and ball revolvers, and a 19th century black powder bullet lubricant whose recipe I've posted for many years. I refined the recipe and it was soon dubbed, by others, “Gatofeo No. 1 Bullet Lubricant.”

I have quite a bit of experience in the outdoors.
Aside from firearms, other hobbies include an interest in the paranormal, history, military history, cooking, reading, travel, humor, English, languages, writing, spoiling my two cats, photography and the eternal search for the Perfect Martini.

I'm basically a grumpy, ol' bachelor cat with a variety of interests, the predominant being firearms. I’m pleased to join this message board. I expect to learn a great deal, and to contribute my experience, knowledge and references.

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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   April 6th 2014, 8:40 pm

Welcome to the forum. We've talked in that past, but I was using another alias. I believe it was about Colt and Remington C&B revolvers. The 1860 being my favorite.


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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   April 6th 2014, 8:43 pm

Welcome to the forum Gatofeo!
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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   April 7th 2014, 6:21 am

Welcome aboard Gatofeo!  Great to have a human encyclopedia    with all those References and experience.  

Quite the collection of firearms you have, but your Marlin 1892 lever-action got my attenion. Quite the rifle in those days being capable of shooting both rims and centerfires.  Is yours rifle actually stamped Model 1892 or Model 92 
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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   April 7th 2014, 6:52 am

If my moldy old brain hasn't kicked the bucket, I believe that Gatofeo has a formula for a muzzleloading lube that is very popular. I think it contains sheep tallow if I remember correctly. I never concocted it myself. The sheep wouldn't cooperate.


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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   April 7th 2014, 8:40 am

Very Happy 

WELCOME  Gatofeo  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation Glad to have such a knowledgeable shooter among us. Looking forward to reading your posts and or replies. cowyboy hatoff 

Ray.............. t up

Colt 1911 .45 cal
Remington 1911 R1 .45 CAL


Semper Fi...... '66-'69
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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   April 7th 2014, 8:42 am

Welcome , always good to add to the knowledge base of the forum.
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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   December 26th 2014, 2:03 am

My 1892 Marlin is stamped Marlin '92 on the tang. The features of this rifle lead to believe that it was manufactured 1905-1908.
It's exterior is sorry looking, but it functions perfectly. I had the bore relined 15 years ago, using an original, unfired Marlin 1892 round barrel purchased from Numrich Arms. At that time, you could still get round barrels, but not octagon barrels.
A gunsmith advised me to purchase the 28" round barrel. He turned that barrel down on his lathe to create a liner for my rifle's 24" octagonal barrel. The gunsmith, who had 50+ years of experience, also micro-welded the cartridge lifter to replace metal worn away over the years.
The result: An 1892 Marlin lever action that bears the knocks, scratches, wood dings and brown finish of a rifle more than 100 years old -- with a shiny, unpitted bore and smooth action.
It's a great rifle for walking between the clumps of sagebrush here in the Utah desert, and bagging cottontail rifles for the pot. I don't wince when it gets a new scratch; adds to its character.

Yes, I refined an old factory recipe for bullet lubricant, that was later named after me: Gatofeo No. 1 Bullet Lubricant.
The old original recipe, once used by factories for outside lubricated bullets, called for 10 pounds of tallow, 10 pounds of paraffin and 5 pounds of beeswax. After finding that old recipe in a 1943 publication (and it was an old recipe when published back then), I used the same ratios but decided to use the finest ingredients available.
Thus, I used mutton tallow, canning paraffin (for its purity) and beeswax.

Gatofeo No. 1 Bullet Lubricant: 1 part mutton tallow, 1 part canning paraffin and 1/2 part beeswax. All measurements are by weight, NOT volume.

GatMart has small, inexpensive kitchen scales that will work for weighing ingredients. Typically, these run about $10 or a little less. It's easier to measure if you use metrics. I measure 200/200/100 grams of canning paraffin, mutton tallow and beeswax, respectively.

The weighed mutton tallow, canning paraffin and beeswax go into a widemouth, quart Mason jar. The jar is placed in 3 inches of boiling water in an old pot, for a double-boiler effect (the safest way to melt waxes and greases).
When melted, mix ingredients with a clean stick or disposable chopstick. Remove from heat and allow the quart Mason jar to cool overnight. Hastening cooling by placing in the fridge may cause the ingredients to separate.

The result: a semi-hard lubricant ideal for all black powder applications: felt wads for revolvers and rifles, bullets, shotgun fiber wads, patches, etc. This is also a good lubricant for lead bullets over smokeless powder at moderate velocities.
BEWARE -- This lubricant softens in hot weather, so it may render primers or smokeless powder inactive. I haven't experienced similar problems with felt wads or bullets over black powder.

NOTE: Use the exact ingredients listed (Mutton Tallow, Canning Paraffin, Beeswax) or you'll get a lubricant that is inferior to Gatofeo No. 1 Bullet Lubricant for reducing fouling and leading.
I've tried all kinds of tallow and fat drippings -- beef, hog, bacon, turkey, lard, Crisco, etc. None of these work as well as Mutton Tallow (sold by Dixie Gun Works).

In the 1850s, the British Army specified mutton tallow as a bullet lubricant. This was before the Indian Rebellion of 1857, when Muslims and serving the Queen refused to handle British paper cartridges for their muzzleloading rifles. The Muslims had heard that the bullet lubricant was made from pigs. Hindus heard it was made from cows, which are sacred to them.

There is something almost magical about mutton tallow, for keeping black powder fouling and leading to a minimum. I can't explain it, but in 40-plus years of shooting black powder it's the best I've found.

Ensure you get real beeswax, which can be difficult to find. Toilet seals haven't been made from real beeswax for about 20 years. This used to be a good source, but the seals are now a petroleum product.
Petroleum products almost universally create a hard, tarry fouling when used with black powder.
An exception seems to be Canning Paraffin, which doesn't display this propensity. I'm told that canning paraffin lacks the hydrocarbons that cause this problem. I don't know about that, but I do know that it's the only petroleum product I've found that doesn't create hard, tar-like fouling when used with black powder.

Gathering the proper ingredients for Gatofeo No. 1 Bullet Lubricant is onerous, but worth the trouble.
I use it for lead bullets in muzzleloaders and cartridges loaded with black powder, felt wads, patches, fiber or hard felt shotgun wads, etc.

My apologies for the lengthy reply, but precise instructions were required.

And yes ... I've tried __________ (fill in the blank) instead of   Mutton Tallow  Canning Paraffin    Beeswax (select one or more) and the result is an inferior lubricant.
Stick with the three, specific substances listed and you'll have a versatile lubricant that excels.

-- Gatofeo
Remote Utah Desert
Dec. 26, 2014
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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   December 26th 2014, 8:22 am

Welcome Gatofeo!  There are some real enjoyable muzzleloading characters on this forum so I think an "Ugly Cat" will fit in quite well!!   cheers


Semper Fi……..
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PostSubject: Re: Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!   

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Gatofeo joins from the remote Utah desert!
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