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 Back from Friendship

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Randy Johnson

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PostSubject: Back from Friendship   Back from Friendship EmptyJune 17th 2014, 8:01 am

Had a great time and the weather was great - with a few qualifications. Friday and Saturday nights were really cold for June in Indiana. I found myself wishing I'd packed the other blanket and quilt that I decided to leave at home. Monday was hot with high humidity. However, the predicted rain stayed away so I won’t have to set the tent up at home to dry the canvas.

The Primitive Range didn't open for business until noon on Saturday, giving me a little extra time for commercial row. The "row" is a lot different (as in smaller) than even ten years ago. It is a mere skeleton of what it was in the sixties, seventies, and eighties. In its heyday, all the booths in the permanent buildings were filled, the area between highway 62 and the first permanent building (aka the Sheep Shed) was filled with vendors, and there were more vendors than there are nowadays across the little ditch west of the main area. Even the aisles between the buildings were filled. Now, they don’t even fill the booths in the permanent buildings. This trip, the only thing going on between the Sheep Shed and the road was Dale Black (one of the interviewees in Foxfire 5) demonstrating basket making and one other man who has been in the same spot selling old tools and gun parts for as long as I can remember. Sadly, the days of being able to find anything you wanted on commercial row at Friendship are gone.

I shot smoothbore exclusively on the Primitive Range. Saturday I concentrated on the Widowmaker match. The target is a near life size British soldier and the “ten ring” is where the belts cross on his chest. I shot two re-entries and hung it up for the day when my third target was nowhere as good as my second one.

Took the smoothbore back to primitive Sunday morning to shoot the Arlin Blair match. I haven’t seen Arlin in decades -not even sure if he is still alive - but he was always a hoot to be around. I had to shoot a match named after him. Shot a couple of re-entries again, quitting when I shot a target that was not as good as the one preceding it.

Sunday afternoon it was off to the woods walk with the flint rifle. The usual mix of short range/long range, and easy/difficult. Hit some of the hard ones, missed a couple of the easy ones. The highlight was hitting the chain. On another trip through in a previous year somebody said it was like hitting a walnut at fifty yards. Good description. The low point was missing the buffalo. The thing is HUGE. Finished with a not too good 11 out of 17.

The only shooting I did Monday was the woods walk with my Tingle. Shot about half the course and missed some easy ones before I realized I wasn’t shouldering the rifle the same way every time. (’Twas only the third time/session shooting it) Once I realized what I was doing wrong I started doing a little better. Highlight was cutting the card in two. Low point was……well there were a number of low points. Finished with a 9 out of 17.

I don’t expect it to stand, but when I last checked I was third in the Widowmaker match behind two shooters tied for first. I had a solid 2nd place in the Blair match well ahead of the 3rd place score.

On the way home I made a quick stop at the Old Mill flea market and bought a heavy duty gong to practice my smoothbore shooting and a bullet trap to practice with the smaller caliber rifles.

Can’t hardly wait for the fall shoot.
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PostSubject: Re: Back from Friendship   Back from Friendship EmptyJune 17th 2014, 9:07 am

Seems you had fun ...thanks for sharing Randy !
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Back from Friendship
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