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 Have to sell my new Accura V2 unfortunately

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PostSubject: Have to sell my new Accura V2 unfortunately   November 11th 2014, 3:17 pm

Well, I just posted it here anyway.  It shoots great, looks great and is an excellent rifle but the stock just won't work for me.  I am short armed and hunt with a pack on most of the time so the configuration makes it hard for me to shoulder and get a good sight picture.  Hoped the stock could be replaced but it can't so here she goes.  I do OK with my Omega and better with my MR so have the bases covered anyway.  Should make someone very happy...
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PostSubject: Whack a bit off the stock!   November 12th 2014, 6:19 pm

I'm a little short on one end and deer hunt sitting in the same blind I've used since 1980 so I too have a problem with standard length stocks.
Whacking a little off the butt stock on these newer non-wood stocks is really fairly do-able and with care you cant tell they've been shortened unless you measure the pull.

Remove butt plate.

Use bandsaw and fence or make up a slide for table saw and fasten stock down to SLOWLY make the cut nice and clean and parallel to original end.

Remove material where screws come through butt plate and/or where screws enter stock to eliminate any interference at the mating surfaces of stock and pad.

Reinstall buttplate.

That's it.

ps. Most of my guns are tweaked a bit to meet MY needs, 
I don't care about resale value as muzzle loading technology andvances so quickly they become obsolete by the time I've moved on anyway.

I also remove ram rod ferrules because they hang up on the edge of my blind where I steady my gun for what's dang near a bench rest set up.

Good luck,
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Have to sell my new Accura V2 unfortunately
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