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 I don't shoot flintlock pistols very well

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PostSubject: I don't shoot flintlock pistols very well   February 9th 2015, 8:49 am

I took a Kentucky flintlock in .45 cal ( a used custom model I just purchased) and a Traditions Trapper in .50 to shoot for the first time.

Confession: At 25 yds, I was terrible. Hit the paper with the shots, but they were all over the target. It was fine if you like 8" groups.

I can shoot flintlock and percussion rifles well enough, but my limited experience with the pistols is evident.
Yes, I jerk the pistol in anticipation of the flash! Looks like I need to practice much more.
Initially, I thought it was the pistol. Then, a friend came over to my shooting bay and took a shot. Bulleye!
Shooting these pistols is fun, but shooting them well is going to take some work.

Also, tried the CO2 unit on a dry ball (Dry ball!! I would never do that! ) Sssss, thup! Out came the patch and ball. The CO2 unit was a good investment. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: I don't shoot flintlock pistols very well   February 9th 2015, 9:28 am

I used the CO2 unit for the first time about a week or 2 ago. Worked like a charm.

A good trigger helps a lot on those pistols. If the trigger pull is much over 3 lbs., there's a tendency to jerk it and throw the shot off.


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I don't shoot flintlock pistols very well
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