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 New to me, Crockett .32

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Randy Johnson

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New to me, Crockett .32 Empty
PostSubject: New to me, Crockett .32   New to me, Crockett .32 EmptyFebruary 13th 2015, 5:13 pm

My third muzzleloader (or black powder gun anyway) was a Navy Arms Remington revolver. It was a Christmas present in 68 or 69. I shot it a lot, and I still have it, but I haven't snapped a cap on it in probably 25 years or more. There have been other pistols, a few cheapo Century Arms single shots, two Old Armies, two replica Colt .31s and one flintlock smooth bore. Except for the Navy Arms Remington, they are all gone. The thing is, I have just never been "into" handguns. I have been looking around for a single shot to play with. I would love to find a Tingle, but I also wanted a small caliber sidelock just to play with. The other day, TOW had a Traditions Crockett .32 for $150, and I jumped on it. It arrived today, and although the TOW description mentioned handling dings, I sure don't see any. The only sign the gun has ever been fired is a small discoloration between the rear sight and the hammer.
With the temperatures that have been forecast, I won't be shooting it real soon. Maybe, a week from Sunday. That will be the day after the annual pilgrimage to the Conner Longrifles show in Noblesville, IN.
I'll report back after I get it dirty a time or two.
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Nit Wit

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New to me, Crockett .32 Empty
PostSubject: Re: New to me, Crockett .32   New to me, Crockett .32 EmptyFebruary 15th 2015, 5:12 am

Good for you, you will have fun with that!
Nit Wit
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New to me, Crockett .32
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