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 Granddaughter's .50 Bobcat finally got used.

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PostSubject: Granddaughter's .50 Bobcat finally got used.   March 10th 2015, 2:59 pm

I installed sling studs and a sling on the Bobcat and then loaded it with 40 grs. of 2FG and a .490 PRB. The ramrod wouldn't seat due to interference from the screw and nut in the front sling stud. I got out the Dremel and a heatless stone and ground it down and polished it. Then I cold-blued it and coated it with RIG.

I shot the load twice from 40 yards while standing and leaning against a tree. It produced no felt recoil even though I only had on a T-shirt.

The shots were very low but grouped together. I'm going to try 40 gr. of 3FG then move up to 45 grs. and finally 50 grs. of 2FG.
I will stop if it kicks at all because I don't want it to punish my granddaughter. She didn't like the recoil of a single-shot .410 with five 000 buckshot.
If it doesn't print higher, I'll shorten the front sight.


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PostSubject: Re: Granddaughter's .50 Bobcat finally got used.   March 10th 2015, 3:32 pm

Perfect rifle for your granddaughter.  It will be a proud moment for you when she bags that first deer with a muzzleloader!


Semper Fi……..
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Granddaughter's .50 Bobcat finally got used.
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