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 Tried some conicals in my long rifle.

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PostSubject: Tried some conicals in my long rifle.   April 8th 2015, 5:32 pm

I finally got around to doing some shooting today. I had my shorty Sile Hawken loaded with BH 209 and a 240 PT Gold since October. I shot the old load at 125 yds. and it was 5" high at one o'clock. I loaded another and it was within 3/4" of the first shot. I kept the same load of BH209 (60 gr. by weight) but substituted a 260 gr. PT Gold. It was 1" high at one o'clock.
I guess you can leave that powder loaded for quite awhile with no deterioration. It cleaned up good just like I loaded it all fresh today.

Then I took my .45 cal. flintlock with the 42" barrel and tried some 200 gr. REALs and 230 gr. Maxi-balls lubed with lard mixed with beeswax.

The Maxi-balls were erratic and 2 of them keyholed at 50 yds. The REALs, however, shot almost as good as the PRBs at 50 yds and weigh 70 gr. more.
I finished up with a string of .440  PRBs. At 50 yards they were in a 3-4" group (4 shots) but they opened up to 6" at 75 yds.
My old eyes can't focus on the front sight well enough to shoot that great beyond 50 yds.
I only had one pan flash with all the shooting and used a Rich Pierce chert flint throughout the series. It has about 40 shots on it now .. better than the English black flints I got from TOW.

I will shoot some more REALs along with the PRBs before I decide which to use for next deer season.


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Tried some conicals in my long rifle.
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