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 Ballistol and its uses

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Ballistol and its uses Empty
PostSubject: Ballistol and its uses   Ballistol and its uses EmptyMay 11th 2015, 9:48 pm

I have never used Ballistol and only know what I've read about the stuff. I heard during WW1 the German Army used the stuff on their weapons to maintain and keep the rust away. I've read on other forums that alot of guys swear by it when cleaning their muzzleloaders. I heard that it could be diluted with water during cleaning. I also heard that it wont hurt the outter surfaces of the muzzleloader and can be used to wipe down the out side of the entire muzzleloader. How well does it clean and how well does it protect from rust. As of now I use Birchwood Casey's Barricade for a final coating to protect my bore after initial cleaning and for long term storage. I have never had any rust issues or any other problems. I was just wondering if Ballistol would be just as good or better? Does anyone else use Ballistol on their muzzleloaders and for what purposes? Thankyou, Respectfully, cfowboys1062.
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Ballistol and its uses Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ballistol and its uses   Ballistol and its uses EmptyMay 12th 2015, 6:05 am

I've used it for decades as a rust preventive. Not really to clean. It depends on what powder you're using?

You're Barricade is a better rust preventative, so I wouldn't switch.


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Ballistol and its uses
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