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 18 shots with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube

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PostSubject: 18 shots with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube   August 13th 2015, 5:20 pm

Just some pictures to show the fouling in my 1860's .44 cylinder. Normally when I'd use crisco or even bore butter, the fouling was pretty thick and crusty to push a ball through. I just used a Q tip and scooped up some of my lube and put a seal around each ball, not filling the entire empty cylinder like some do. Huge difference in how easy it is to reload! Arbor was still lubed after 18 shots and nothing was stuck into place from fouling. The lube re-set over night after I was done shooting and today I tested a small area with a finger nail and the fouling scraped right off easily and the lube was still under it as well.

You can easily make our where the lube had been applied VS the thick crusty powder fouling. I always start with a clean non lubed cylinder and of course, once its loaded, use a little of my lube over the ball to create a seal.

I have 6 more rounds ready to go but first have to take it apart and get a cap out of the trigger. Hate when those frags get into there!
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PostSubject: Re: 18 shots with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube   October 24th 2015, 11:02 pm

I use minimal ball lube & only with a lubed paper wad between powder & ball.  Record so far is 75 rounds with pyrodex and no appreciable fouling.
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18 shots with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube
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