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PostSubject: CARRYING HONEY   October 30th 2015, 7:29 am


This is a reply from a customer that wanted to carry honey in the correct manner, and our reply.


Hey, any great tips on how to transport honey? I put mine in a glass bottle with a cork, and no matter how nicely it's packed in my cassette, it always tips over, oozes past the cork, and gets on everything! It's become a huge joke with my friends. I hate to give up packing it, but even crystallized it makes a mess. Help!





I got lucky and found an old 1830's tin tobacco can that had a tight fitting lid, but only holds enough for a 2-3 day camp or several people. Of course we you it in place of other sweeteners because of container and having no problems with ants or other bugs being attracted to it. On long 2-4 week outings we use a new paint can purchased at a paint store (empty-no labels) that now has a pleasing dull tone after years of service.

Have carried this in our "mess" on horseback, canoe and just moving from one spot to another and have had no spills in 25-30 years. Before this we tried a jar that had several problems, stuck screw-off lids to breakage.


One doesn't think about honey most of the time, just something we have sitting on the shelf in the pantry; we were on a month canoe trip and one day after fighting a strong wind and ruff water (making only 10-12 miles in about that many hours), we beached and were laying on the warm sand.

One of our members had just got back from SE Asia and told us about honey being used to embalm bodies until they could be taken care of, said "the honey was cheap - 25 cents a pound."

"Could be boiled down cleaned and reused ?"

Now this gentleman is Mr. Cheap by all means and anyone that knows "Rover" will agree. We're laying there on the sand with our butts kicked from such a hard days paddling, nobody can even moves to get water or anything else. After a period of time "Rover" reaches in his pouch and produces some hardtack and a small can of honey.

It took a few minutes to figure if we had been setup or not with his story, then decided, what the hell we need something to get us moving and ate the hardtack and honey. Within a half hour we were able to start moving and ate more honey !


By the way, honey and almost any natural oil is mixed in a pot in open wards in SE Asia and put on wounds with a bandage to hold it in place. Changed daily, wound heals quickly and cleanly, no debridement necessary. Hydrogen peroxide is decomposition product of homey, as well as other 'good things' that I can't name. Used as far back as ancient Egypt.


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