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 CVA Kentucky VS Smokeless powder

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PostSubject: CVA Kentucky VS Smokeless powder   November 1st 2015, 11:14 pm

Saw this on youtube. One thing that interested me was that supposedly "weak" breech plug/drum set up I hear so much about on other traditional forums.

Check this out! Great video which includes black powder, an ENTIRE BARREL FULL!
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PostSubject: Re: CVA Kentucky VS Smokeless powder   November 2nd 2015, 6:36 am

Their promoting safety, and then load the gun out of the bottle. What a bad signal they sends to new shooters.

Not sure this was a good video to show after they saw the results. New shooters will look at it, and think they can load as much black powder as they want since a full barrel of powder didn't blow up.

It also showed 80gr of smokeless didn't blow up.

One positive point is it showed how much stronger sidelocks are compared to inlines.

My last point is i'm surprised that the smokeless powder fired with a percussion cap.


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PostSubject: Re: CVA Kentucky VS Smokeless powder   November 2nd 2015, 8:03 am

This video is stupid human tricks. 
What a waste of a decent muzzleloader. 
Of course you can misuse explosives to blow things up. 

Here, I'll do it! 

See? Now, that was fun. But, explosions are not very user friendly. 
In fact, a lot of folks will look at this video and go, 

affraid "See? I told you this was dangerous! I don't want anything to do with muzzleloading."affraid

Meanwhile, the truth about safety in muzzleloading is pretty simple:
1. Do not play with type of powder used. Use what is recommended.No
2. Do not play with amount of powder used. Use what is recommended. No  
3. Do not play with the type of projectile used. Use what is recommended.No
4. Do not play with improper loading. Load how it is recommended.No
5. Do not look down a misfired/hang fired barrel to 'fix' it.No

So, to sum up? Do not play. Know what is recommended for your weapon. 
Limit distractions. Keep your focus. Don't point it at your head. Don't point 
it at your friend's head. 

Can't do all this? Don't shoot. Simple.

And, know that the tolerances on modern muzzleloaders are gonna 
largely have you covered for the kind of small errors a serious shooter 
will make. There is no need too fear if you are serious, focused, and 
follow simple operational guidelines. 

But, screw with it intentionally? It can screw with you. But, you almost HAVE to try.

Now, if you are TRYING to 'Wiley Coyote' your rifle? It can be done. 

If you are stuffing whole turkeys, pianos, sticks of dynamite, cheese doodles, 
and/or anything outside of guidelines? Twisted Evil You are asking for trouble. So, just don't. 

Then, relax and have fun. Very Happy

"One of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy 
over the good fortune of others." 
― Robert Heinlein

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PostSubject: Re: CVA Kentucky VS Smokeless powder   November 2nd 2015, 6:30 pm

This video was worth watching, I would agree that they wasted at least one good muzzleloader, (they could have sent it to me).

I have a guy that works with me who shoots an Omega with smokeless powder. His says bp or Pyro, even lets his 12 yr old shoot it with smokeless, says his neighbors have found some type of slow burning smokeless. They shoot in their omegas.  I told him don't do it but he says it will be O.K. I except to hear where it blows up on him at anytime during the season. I hope not.
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PostSubject: Re: CVA Kentucky VS Smokeless powder   

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CVA Kentucky VS Smokeless powder
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