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 CVA Plainsman & Olde Enysford

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PostSubject: CVA Plainsman & Olde Enysford   Sun 29 Nov 2015, 11:44

Took the old girl out today with a new Spitfire nipple.   Had her at about 60 yds I used some old Hornady 240 gr 44 cal bullets with Harvester green crush rib and some  Hornady 250 gr SST in their black sabots all over about 85 gr with CCI Magnum 11 caps.  All I can say is wow !  Even when I messed up the shot was only 1/2 inch from the main group.  It was some clean shooting this BP just continues to impress with how clean it is makes Pyrodex and 777 look like mud and how consistent it meters.  I have just about decided to take the plunge and put a tang sight on this and take it out to 100 .
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PostSubject: Re: CVA Plainsman & Olde Enysford   Fri 04 Dec 2015, 06:34

Good to hear. Had heard it was close to Swiss. I can't see taking the plunge though...I've more powder here now, that I could ever shoot up. Smile
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CVA Plainsman & Olde Enysford
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