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 1847 Walker & 1860 Army .44's

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PostSubject: 1847 Walker & 1860 Army .44's   December 30th 2015, 4:41 pm

Got my pappy on the range today and had his Walker fully loaded and ready to go! I used 40 grains Shockeys Gold super powder, .454 round balls and lubed over the balls with my patch lube to prevent chain fire. The roar this thing creates is just unreal! Its like firing a 50cal rifle! Accuracy at 11 and 25 yards was outstanding with both pistols actually.

The Walker is a Uberti and the Army is Pietta. Both have great triggers and timing. One problem with the Walker is the caps are ALWAYS jammed either in the cylinder/frame area or they drop down and wedge behind the hammer/frame. I don't have this issue with the Army, so that's one thing we noticed right away.

As long as you keep the Walker pointed straight up in the air, the caps fall out and everything is ok, MOST times. Another downside is I can not use my capper unless I go to full cock and cap it that way, down in the hammer slot. The side slot cut out looks like you have to place them onto the nipple one by one.

Side by side,

40gr of shockeys gold lighting up

11 yards with the Walker and my dad shooting.

Me with my 1860 Army .44 @ 11 yards. At 25 yards I out shot the Walker. BUT, we'll have more competition later down the road lol. It was a blast.

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PostSubject: Re: 1847 Walker & 1860 Army .44's   December 30th 2015, 5:37 pm

I enjoyed this.

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1847 Walker & 1860 Army .44's
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