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 Reenactment of the 1835 Dade Massacre by the Seminoles

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PostSubject: Reenactment of the 1835 Dade Massacre by the Seminoles   January 4th 2016, 7:57 pm

In December of 1835 a contingent of 110 US troops were marching from Fort Brooke (Tampa, FL) to Fort King (Ocala, FL) when they were ambushed by ~180 Seminole Indians several miles east of the Ouithlacoochee River (Withlacooche River now). After a battle that lasted most of the day, only 3 survivors, one of them wounded, were left. This was during the Second Seminole War.

I have lived less than 6 miles from this battle site since 1976 and had never gone until I took my wife and granddaughter this last Saturday.
I was overwhelmed by the reenactment by the volunteers. There were over 50 members of the federal troops all with authentic wool uniforms, great coats and accoutrements. The battle itself lasted almost an hour but seemed like 10 minutes because it was so exciting and interesting. All of the horses could be shot off of without shying and great horsemanship was demonstrated as a Seminole warrior galloped his horse after an escaping soldier. The Seminole fired the rifle one-handed at the soldier when the barrel end was about 10" in front of the horses head. The horse was at full gallop and did not react in any manner.
A 6-pound cannon fired over a dozen rounds and several large pine trees were "chopped down" (simulated) and a breastwork was built while they were under fire.

I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10. It's hard to impress me but I will attend every year now. I am just sorry I didn't start going 40 years ago.

My 9 y.o. granddaughter thought it was as good as the Taylor Swift concert she went to on Halloween. Rolling Eyes 

I took many photos and videos but here are some from the official website with most of the info and a running slideshow:

A list of guns allowed to be used in the reenactment:

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PostSubject: Re: Reenactment of the 1835 Dade Massacre by the Seminoles   January 4th 2016, 8:37 pm

Taylor Swift aside, it does sound like fun. I would like to see it. 
It is close enough that I probably could. I never knew about it. 
Thanks for the heads up.

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Reenactment of the 1835 Dade Massacre by the Seminoles
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