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 Readying his 30-06

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Readying his 30-06 Empty
PostSubject: Readying his 30-06   Readying his 30-06 EmptyFebruary 20th 2016, 4:18 pm

Took pappy out to the range today and let him sight in his Winchester 70 30-06. Hes using Federal 165gr Nosler ballistic tips and wanted to sight in.

His first shot was at 6 o clock in the tape an the next touched the lower right hand corner of the black. I adjusted 6 clicks up, let him take 2 more shots which were tight and tight and then on his final shot, I adjusted his scope 2 clicks to the left and bingo! Can't get much better than that on the horrible sand bags we were using.

That old Winchester is a damn good shooter! Very easy recoil and handles a lot of ammo very well. He wants to have Leupold install the adjustable turrets later down the road.

Falcon, you better get your shooting ready because this old man is coming loaded for hog! lol!
Readying his 30-06 IMG_6674_zpstlgcu9ic
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Readying his 30-06 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Readying his 30-06   Readying his 30-06 EmptyMarch 3rd 2016, 4:08 pm

Looks like minute of pig to me.  Your Dad is ready for hogs.
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Readying his 30-06
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