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 Drifting Front Sight on Sig 239

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Drifting Front Sight on Sig 239 Empty
PostSubject: Drifting Front Sight on Sig 239   Drifting Front Sight on Sig 239 EmptyFebruary 24th 2016, 4:20 pm

I just got a Sig 239 in .40 S&W with a .357 Sig barrel. It shoots to the left at 10 yards. I tried to tap the dove-tailed front sight to the left but got no movement. I don't want to "wail away" and possibly damage the gun.

Any suggestions?

PS: The MSRP is $993 but I got it from the local gun store for $750 and he still made a decent profit. These things are vastly overpriced.


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Drifting Front Sight on Sig 239
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