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 Traditions Buckstalker .50 Caliber Rifle

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Traditions Buckstalker .50 Caliber Rifle Empty
PostSubject: Traditions Buckstalker .50 Caliber Rifle   Traditions Buckstalker .50 Caliber Rifle EmptyApril 23rd 2016, 6:39 am

Few years ago i got a Traditions Buckstalker rifle for Christmas.    Cleaned it up, installed a "refurbished" 4X32 Nikon scope, swabbed the bore with Militec 1 and put it away for years.  Finally got around to sighting in the rifle yesterday.  

Put the target at 50 yards.   i failed to swab the bore with an alcohol patch before firing the gun.  Big mistake:  Got a bore length crud ring.  Regrouped; cleaned the bore and swabbed  with gasoline.  

Powder used is Black MZ.  Tried different powder charges from 80-110 grains.    Primer was Winchester 209 shotgun.  First tried the 240 grain .430 XTP in the smooth green sabot, could not get a decent group at 50 yards.   Tried the green crush rib sabot and could not get a decent group.  Ditto for the Traditions black sabot.  

Loaded the  250 grain SST in the black crush rib sabot and got a decent 50 yard group.  Took a new  target to
the 78 yard line, made final adjustments to the scope and fired several groups that averaged about 1.5 inches.

The primer falls  out when the rifle is opened.  The trigger pull is good; about 3.5 pounds.   The rifle  cleans up very easlily.   The breech plug was removed  without using the tool.   There was  a little soot on the breech face that wiped off with an oily rag.  Unlike my expensive Encore, there was no side play in the barrel and action.

Conclusion:  This is a very good gun for the money.  

Minute of pig.  This is my new truck gun.
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Traditions Buckstalker .50 Caliber Rifle
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