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 Flint Length = poor performance?

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Flint Length = poor performance? Empty
PostSubject: Flint Length = poor performance?   Flint Length = poor performance? EmptyMay 2nd 2016, 7:19 pm

Today I fired off my Woodsman Hawken and did a total strip/scrub clean and oil job on her to make sure she was in good shape before I hung her back up on the wall.

The flint I installed was starting to break out from the bottom and I figured I'd install a new french amber flint which should be 5/8 W x 3/4 L.

These suckers were way out of adjustment at over 1" long and 3/4 wide! I installed a couple, trying bevel up, bevel down, Nuttin! Hardly any sparks whatsoever.

I grabbed my Traditions Kentucky which hasn't been shot for a long while but still has an almost new flint.

Flint was sized perfectly and so I took a hammer and a punch and shortened the 3 huge flints accordingly.

BINGO! Nice hot sizzling sparks were flying everywhere after that!

Size does matter!

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Standing Bear

Standing Bear

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Flint Length = poor performance? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Flint Length = poor performance?   Flint Length = poor performance? EmptyMay 2nd 2016, 8:20 pm

Changing flint length changes lock geometry.  At the range I'll shoot a flint that's a little too long and holds the frizzen open slightly, too long and it'll not work well. It'll knap itself after a 10-15 shots, usually on the bevel down side on my W. Cochran lock. When flint starts getting short I just move it out a little. Some locks may start with a different geometry and not work at all w a long flint. 
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Flint Length = poor performance?
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