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  1. March 18th 2010, 9:14 am
    Message by sqezer
    Carlos, I have a TC also in .50 cal. and also in 25-06. Last year I replaced the hinge pin with an adjustable pin from E. Arthur Brown, there was just to much slope in it. For some reason the stock cracked on the right side, after checking the stock I noticed that the stock and receiver fit really sucks and so does the forearms. To fix the receiver problem I'm using a piece of aluminum flat stock to improve the stock to receiver fit. This winter I fixed the stock, floated the forearms on both the .50 and 25-06 and also I stripped the stock and forearms and redid them in emeny stain. When I'm done I'll post picture of the project. Also I plan on buying a .45 bagera barrel for the TC. I also have a Knight Disc in .45 cal. that I deer hunt with here in Wisconsin.
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